Big Progress with Impact Investments

For over a decade, Altruist has helped clients accelerate their revenue in five revenue domains: individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and earned income. Now, with a number of multi-million dollar wins under our belt, we can add one more: impact investing.

It’s an exciting space. With impact investing, investors can generate a measurable beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

And it’s on the rise. Right now, a diverse and rapidly growing population of socially-minded investors with billions of dollars to invest—individuals, foundations, financial institutions and investment funds—are looking to achieve triple bottom line results. They are leaving behind the greedy, scorched-earth investment practices of old and seeking to balance financial returns with people and planet benefits as well.

But deal flow isn’t what it needs to be. There’s still too much money chasing too few opportunities. As the Global Impact Investing Institute observes, there is a shortage of high-quality investment opportunities.

So we are delighted to be doing our part to strengthen this movement. For example, our exciting client in the burgeoning online identity space, Evernym, just secured its first $3m in investment to launch its global platform. Another client, the Two Cranes Institute, just secured nearly a million dollars of below-market-rate loans for the purchase of its facility.

And we have just completed a draft business plan for a third client that calls for $150 million of impact investment in the next five years. It’s too new to talk about specifics with this one, but its clear that nonprofits and social enterprises are overlooking tremendous opportunity if they haven’t thoroughly investigated their potential to capture impact investment—as well as contributions and earned income.

We look forward to even more activity in this space. It’s all part of our “die happy” plan: accelerating as many good causes as we can with the time we have.

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