Donor Analytics Done Right

Time to tell the hard truth: fewer than 1% of nonprofit development offices measure the right things. And their orgs are suffering serious opportunity costs as a result.

Holiday Gift Appeals Done Right

Are you a nonprofit gearing up for your holiday gift appeal? Before you hit the send button on your e-appeal, read this first.

Big Progress with Impact Investments

For over a decade, Altruist has helped clients accelerate their revenue in five revenue domains: individuals, foundations, corporations, government agencies, and earned income. Now, with a number of multi-million dollar wins under our belt, we can add one more: impact investing.

Context Matters

Don’t think “what can we do with what we have.” That is letting your limited budget drive your planning process. Instead, flip it around. 

Affording the Cost of Free

At first glance, Hip-Hop and saving historic buildings might not sound like a natural match. Yet, in Seattle, two organizations were able to think outside the box to create a winning situation for both.